A change in pattern

I have had two hospital admissions over the last 8 weeks. In both cases the attacks have come with little warning and with a rapid decline. This is completely different to the pattern of previous attacks which had a slow decline over days. I have arranged to see the hospital respiatory nurse to see if my action plan needs to be updated but any thought would be welcome

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  • Its fungal spore time I am afraid, and for many they are far far worse than grass pollen season. The goodnews is, it is coming to an end - I hope...


  • Definately fungal spores time, for me i suffer a lot worst with this than any other time of the year.

    I hope it has nearly come to an end Bex, would prefer to stay at home now.

    John - Try asking your Gp if he can test you with RAST tests for allergy to fungal / moulds allergy.

    At least then you will know if it another trigger. I just waiting for results on this test.


  • Thanks for your replies. My asthma has always been bad in the autumn which we have associated with fungal spores. Having spoken to my respiratory nurse it may be that improvements due to the Xolair treatment are now revealing a new facet to my asthma ie rapid onset attacks which were previously masked. This is something we will be investigating.

  • Hmmm the end may be a little longer coming this cycle of wet day then warm day is not helping at all!


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