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Variable Asthma Symptoms

Hi I am new to the forum, but I read them regularly. I have Asthma and over the last Year have had 3 Hospital stays with attacks. My main symptom used to be a wheeze now I get a tight chest and have had nebs twice at local GP surgery which helped. Does this work for other sufferers? I find it difficult to know when I need extra medical help now. Symptoms change and peak flow does not drop as it should in asthma attacks. Look forward to some replies.

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Nebuilsers are used in attacks to open the air ways. They are normally only used when you go to a and e or are in hospital.

My peak flow often does not represent my symptoms. With this for me my con thinks some of the time I am not having an attack just getting reflux, do you find you get heartburn or indigestion? Or do you find you have a continous runny nose, if you get either of those i suggest a visit to GP as these may be triggering your asthma.

When to seek medical help, when your peak flow is less than 50% or when your blue inhaler does not seem to be working or when you just do not feel well OR if in doubt just go for help! They dont mind! They rather you are safe than sorry!


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