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Pneumonia and Asthma

I have not posted here for a while and was just wondering if anyone has experienced having both bad asthma with Pneumonia. About five weeks ago I was admitted to Hospital with a case of Pneumonia in my Right Lung and Asthma in my Left Lung. I was treated with both intravenus and oral Antibiotics, steriods and regular Nebs and also intravenus Fluids due to dehydration. I was in hospital for eight days and off from work for two weeks. I still feel I am recovering from it. The Doctors warned me it would take 2-3 Months for full recovery. I have odd days when I am really tired and lack energy.

has anyone else had Pneumonia - did it take a while to get over?. I am now on extra meds for the Asthma as I have had 2 major attacks in recent months.

Any comments would help.

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Hi Debs,

I'm really sorry to hear that you've been so ill. I hope that today is a good day, and that you regain strength day by day.

I had pneumonia quite badly a couple of years ago, and it was a long time before I felt like 'myself' again. I'm sorry if that sounds negative - it's supposed to encourage you that you sound as though you're doing really well. It takes time and patience and lots of loving kindness towards yourself!


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