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Anesthetic and Asthma

I have been reffered by my Dentist to the Hospital to have two teeth extractions and was wondering if anyone has had an operation. I am a bit concerned about having the anesthetic. I have been in Hospital before with asthma Attacks but never for an Operation. I have spoken with the Asthma UK Nurse who was very helpful but would like to hear from anyone who has been in for an op.

Thank You.

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Debs - similar question discussed a while ago so I've 'bumped' it up for you. Know it covers wisdom teeth but it may be useful. Good luck.

Edit. Just found another post which covers same subject!! have 'bumped' it up for you.


Hi ya

this is an interesting question. I have had quite a few general Anesthetics and have quite bad asthma.

I always find that if my asthma is bad, ie peak-flo more than 15% off normal and symptomatic, then I get more reaction to the anesthetic and it takes longer to recover from the anesthetic feeling. However I would monitor your peak flow and if your asthma is bad you should talk to the hospital before your appointment and/or to your GP/Respiratory consultant. Particularly as wisdom teeth removal is elective rather than an emergency.





I had to have an operation last year and it took a while as I have brittle asthma and the surgeons would not give me a general anaesthetic as they said it'd be too risky, so I had the operation done by a surgeon who was willing to perform it under a local and epidural.


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