Depression and Asthma

Hi It is my first time in the forum and I realise that many of you suffer Daily with asthma symptoms.

I have asthma and also have depression. Does anyone else suffer from both and do they find that their mood effects their breathing bringing on asthma symptoms. I've had a rough time with my asthma over the last year with three hospital stays due to asthma attacks. My first major attacks as an adult. My consultant thinks that the meds I am taking for depression was adding to my breathing problems.

I am getting frustrated with ongoing slight intermitent wheeze which leaves me feeling slighty under par.

Thanks for listening!!

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  • Depression and asthma

    Hi Debs, I think the two can go together and I think people who are more tense seem to get worse symptoms, and it can be a vicious circle, if my symptoms get worse, or when I have had steroids I have felt depressed.

    If your consultant thinks your medication may be causing problems can it be changed?

    Also if I know what is making me feel down then that helps as i know it is temporary, if that makes sense?

  • Hi Debs,

    I suffer with both too and find the more I am down the worse my asthma symptoms are.

    Apparently depression is very common amongst brittle asthmatics due to it's instability.

    I find that talking about how you feel eg whats stressing you, your worries about your condition etc really help me.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to chat.


  • Hi, Thanks to those who have replied to my message. It has been reassuring to hear others view points and I am beginning to realise that Depression and Asthma can be related. and that one can affect the other. and that it isn't just me!!!!.

  • Hi Debs

    Itoo suffer from both, and have not found that my asthma is worse when I'm particularly depressed - however if i am depressed,then I tend not to bother taking care of myself and might not take my asthma meds,which invariably doesn't help! I'm a brittle asthmatic,and when I am having a bad spell it will affect my mood too, and I tend to get extra low.

    Can I ask what medication for your depression you are on? Feel free to PM me if you dont want to post up this information.



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