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Ive been taking symbicort for about 7 months now. From my perspective its worked wonders as its replaced many inhalers including salbutamol which ive taken for most of my life and the need to take prednisolone tablets for exacerbations, at least for now anyway. I read an article from an american author which stated that symbicort should only be used for short term asthma management and once back under control the patient should be put back onto other inhalers, i assume like i used to take. Just wondered if anybody had any background to this. As far as im concerned it works for me and if it aint broke dont fix it - not yet anyway. Also assume gp surgery would mention this at annual review if there was any concern. More of a curious question than a concern.

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No problems that I know. Would still be on Symbicort both as preventer and reliever if my asthma had stayed the same. Both GP and nurse happy to use as SMART. Dont believe every study and report as gospel.

I looked up asthma when first diagnosed and found a lot of bumph.

Symbicort is fine.

Best wishes x


symbicort - made me worse but...not everyones asthma is the same.

I personally hate symbicort because it did absolutly nothing for me but instead made my condition worse as it added permanent side effects. I didnt listen to my gp and demanded a switch to a different medicine which is my wonder drug.

I think its your decision if you have found something that works for you and keeps it controlled and allows you to get on with your life then have a chat with your gp about it. Im currently on a high dose of medication and i have no plan on switching down as quickly as my GP wants me to, as my quality of life is gradually improving! (extremly slowly though!) I did a bit of research on the internet about serevent yesterday and uncovered some useless information too about it. I think the best thing to have a chat with an asthma nurse or a gp about the long term use of symbicort.


I've been on symbicort for years. gives me better stability with my asthma . Dr tried to change as on ventolin and medical profession like u to be onthe same family of drugs. Unfortunately seretide and flixotide make my asthma worse and gives me curly fingers also


hi... i take symbicort and sal, but am meant to use the 'symbicort smart' method when im having an attack rather than the sal but i dont find it works. whatever works best for the individual i suppose x


I was also started on the smart method but i found it difficult to take when i was breathless so now take sal when im breathless which works a lot better and i find easier to take


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