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cold, asthma and VCD


I was just wondering if anyone had any advice

I have been at home for just over a week after being in hopsital for 2 and a half weeks. I had a really bad asthma attack following vomiting. went to GP for some help who gave me two nebs adn then phoned an ambulance as I am classified as a brittle asthmatic and wasn't improving. By the time I got to a and e the paramedic was shaking me to keep me breathing and conscious and the consultant got the intensive care team down as they thought they were going to have to ventilate. Anyway ended up in critical care (ITU/HDU) for 4 days (thankfully avoided being ventilated by the skin of my teeth) and then was transfered to a ward. After two days was transfered from local hosptial in cheltenham to Birmingham Heartlands Hopsital to see if they can get to the bottom of why I have such severe attacks but am fine the rest of the time.

They have diagnosed something called vocal cord dysfunction. This basically means that my vocal cords go into spasm and block my airway off from the top. They think that there is asthma there but are waiting for lung biopsies before they decide how severe it is.

Anyway that is the background. My current problem is that I have gone down with a cold. It started as a head cold but now feels like it is heading to my chest. My peak flow has started to fall and a couple of times I have coughed phlegm up from my nose. I know I am more at risk from vcd attacks at the moment but wondered if I should worry about my asthma?

Both my fiance (who is a tech in the ambulance service) and my mum reckon I should pay a trip to the GPs. I just don't feel bad enough to waste their time when there is little they can do for a viral cold.

All I know is the that ITU consultant said that I was one of the least stable asthmatics he had seen for a long time and that this lastest one was definately a severe asthma attack. I don;t want to end up there again.

My peak flow normally is 460 and this am was 400 and left me having an almightly coughing fit.

Med wise I am on seretide 250, montelukast (singulair) and zirtec (cetrizine). Have epipens and salbutomol inhalers and nebs if I have sudden severe attack.

Just wondering what you guys would advice.... Do you think I ought to see the GP or just see if peak flow drops lower or develop chest infection?

Many thanks for the help


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Takes mod hat out of its box again and sticks it on her bonce.

H, we can not give out advice of the kind you seek on this site. The forums are to offer and support but not in accute situations. If your family think you should see your GP then I would suggest you follow their advice and call the out of hours GP service, NHS direct or go to A&E if your peak flows drops dramatically of you become unable to speak in sentances or you can't speak at all please don't waste time and dial 999.


Returns mod hat to his box to stop the House Dust Mites from inflitrating it!


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