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muscle pain

Just a general question.

Does any one else suffer from muscle pain, particularly in their legs?

The last several weeks of hot, humid weather have resulted in me strugling with my asthma and coincidentally suffering from a lot of muscle pain. I do have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but wondered if any one else has a similar problem. The muscles in my legs feel as if I did a ten mile hike the day before and I find I am limping most of the time.I did wonder if I was overdoing the ice skating but I havn't skated for over ten days and the problem is no better.

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Hi molly,

yes i have constant muscle pain in my legs - due to long term pred i've been told - side effect can muscle weakness (myopathy??). I also have pain in wrist and trapped nerve in neck - oh the joys of pred!!

Hope the pain eases up soon.

Am sure someone medical will be able to answer much more eloquently, i just thought I'd let you know you're not alone!


Hi molly,

Yep I too have a lot of pain particularly my hands and wrists. Asthma nurse isn't really sure why but thinks its probably long term use of preventer inhalers at high doses. Its worse when i do too much and when its very humid or very cold!


Thanks for your replies. My GP said it was probably caused by long term pred. Looks like something I'll just have to put up with but I won't let it stop me skating!!!


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