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prednisilone and adrenal failure???

Hello everyone,

Over the past 4 years or so, I have developed a range of endocrinological problems, including premature ovarian failure, total adrenal failure, and very low / borderline thyroxine production. This has caused me a whole range of disabling symptoms, and I haven't been able to work for about three years. I was sick for a long time before being diagnosed with these problems about 9 months ago. I am now on a lot of hormone replacement - progesterone, oestrogen, thyroxine, and cortisol. I may need additional replacement in the future (testosterone is being considered).

In case you are wondering what the relationship with asthma is - my endocrinologist maintained for a long time that all of these problems (especially my adrenal failure) were related to treatment with prednisilone for my asthma. He maintained that my adrenals would begin to function normally again, and tried at one point to take me off the 20mgs daily cortisol that I take to replace what my adrenal glands are not making.

I have now had 4 tests of adrenal function (short synachthen tests), and each time, the results have ""flat-lined"", showing that my adrenal glands are producing no natural cortisol at all. Another consultant that I saw when my own endo was not there told me that my adrenal failure was permanent, and that I would need to take cortisol for the rest of my life. She told me that I needed to wear an sos talisman because if I was ever in an accident or needed emergency surgery, my body would need massive amounts of cortisol to cope with the trauma. I have also had to learn how to inject myself with cortisol if for any reason I cannot take it orally.

The point is, I have never been on constant preds - I use them only when I have an exacerbation (which admittedly is quite frequently, but only in the winter), and then I would be on them for about three weeks at a time. I have tried to explain this to my endocrinologist who - I think - is gradually realising that my adrenals have stopped producing cortisol forever.

I feel that, with this particular endocrinologist, the whole management / diagnosis / prognosis of my endocrinological condition has been compromised by his view that prednisilone is at the root of all my problems. I have argued with him all along that because my ovaries, thyroid and adrenals are all involved that it can't possibly be the preds alone that have caused my condition.

Has anyone else experienced endocrinological problems like this? And has the use of preds for asthma been implicated in the diagnosis?

Long post again, I realise, but all views and experiences would be much welcomed.

Thanks in advance,



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