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For those who take singulair / montelukast

Hello everyone

Hope you are as well as you can be today. I was just wondering - I take singulair 10mgs, 2 tablets in the morning. I believe the recommended dose is one 10mg tablet a day. My dose was put up to 20mgs a day by a hospital consultant after I had spent some time in ITU.

The last time I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist said she had never heard of anyone being on 20mg singulair a day, and that I should discuss it with my GP (my GP won't have a clue.....).

Does anyone else take 20mgs? Is this a recognised dose?

Many thanks everyone,



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I was a bit puzzled by your post. I am on one tablet of singulair per day but I understood that it should be taken in the evening because it works at night while asleep. Does anybody know whether this is correct?


Singulair is better taken at night, yes, but I guess there might well be reasons why Maz takes hers in the morning.

I've certainly come across other people on here who take 20mgs, although the ""standard"" dose is 10mg.



I used to take 2 x 10mg of singulair in the morning, also advised by a consultant (at Addenbrooke's). I didn't take it at night as it gave me nightmares. It did used to cause trouble with pharmacists, but you only need to explain to each pharmacist once and then they're fine about it.

I came off it as I didn't think it was doing anything for me and I try to operate an 'add one/subtract one' tablet policy with my consultant! I added azithromycin so lost singulair.


I take 10mgs at night, but used to take it in the morning under the direction of my local hospital where I was admitted, when I went to see my consultant he told me that it should be taken at night.


just out of interest, can someone explain why it is recommended that singulair is taken at night?

i've been on it about 6 weeks now and have definitely noticed an improvement in pf

but i do have sleeping problems, so i wondered if singulair could exacerbate those? i've noticed i've started waking up even earlier than usual, around 3.30, then cannot get back to sleep - no bad dreams tho

thanks for any info


I don't think it's unheard of to take 20mg though it isn't a common thing to my knowledge - NOT a health pro though so can't be sure. I'm on 10mg at night like most people and swear by it. Great stuff!



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