I don't have bronchiectasis

Hello all.

Just to let you know that my high resolution CT scan came back ""normal"". I am mightily relieved. I told my consultant that, since my last pneumonia in January, I have loads of mucous on my chest all the time, and that it's green-ish with (sometimes) orangey flecks in it (not blood). He says that he doesn't understand why this should be..............

Does anyone else have this constant, thick green mucous? I don't have an infection, and my peak flow is fine......




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  • I'm glad your scan came back ok. I've got my appointment 3 weeks tomorrow & counting! The doctors think i may have Bronchiectasis. I really don't think i have as i have been ok since my last illness. I just think i was very poorly twice in a very short period of time. My chest never really got over the flu at christmas.

    I don't cough either. You must be very relieved. :)

  • Thanks Julie!!!

    I am relieved......Good luck with your appointment in three weeks time. I hope you get the same positive news!!!




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