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I have never had an asthma ""attack"" - am I unusual?

Hello everyone

I have had asthma all of my life but have never once had an asthma attack, as in suddenly being unable to breathe and having to take my inhaler. I have brittle asthma, and my trigger is the cold and other viruses which cause respiratory infections. Since I was young, my asthma has been exacerbated ONLY by respiratory infections.

Is this unusual?

Just wondering...........




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I've had asthma since i was 13 years old. My first attack was the other week. And i used to smoke!!

That was also caused by a virus. I suppose we are all different. My asthma seems to be set off by colds/flu. Its harder to prevent them as well!! I've only really suffered with my asthma the last 2 months.

Although when its thundery i feel like theres no oxygen in the air, but i think non asthmatics suffer from this as well. Probably down to the ozone.


Not unusual at all!

Many people are ""chronic"" asthmatics who don't have ""attacks"" per se, but more persistent symptoms.

Plus I guess whether you have an ""attack"" or not can be a matter of personal semantics!


Although i have been asthmatic since i was 5or 6 , I never used to have ""attacks "" i was just a chronic wheezer/cougher and would only have major probs if exposed to certain triggers eg dogs.horses.

Since i had multiple PE's a number of years ago i now have ""attacks"" some of which i deal with and some which hospitalise me.

My daughter who is also asthmatic has never had an attack but is a chronic cougher.

So no not have attacks is not unusual i dont think.


Make of this what you will but I was once told by a consultant there is no such thing as an asthma attack just ""a moment in time when your breathing is "" and i quote ""very poor""!



LOL i like it!!!

Certainly covers all eventualities!!


Plus I guess whether you have an ""attack"" or not can be a matter of personal semantics! ""

interesting thought cathbear never thought of it like that at all. hmm


Indeed....personally, I wouldn't have said I have *ever* had ""an attack"", but others around me may say different. It depends on your perspective and experience.


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