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Citrus triggers asthma

I have an allergy to citrus which when I was first diagnosed only affected me if I ate or drunk anything with citrus, over the years it has gradually got worse and now anyone eating or drinking citrus, certain perfumes, air fresheners, cleaning fluids all affect me really badly, it's not just an asthma attack this is worse, it comes on very fast my heart races, my breathing goes I shake and although I take my inhalers it takes a long time to clear and leaves me very tired and shaken, I have been hospitalised a few times when I have went unconscious, doctors have put me on montelukast which has helped a bit but my allergy just seems to keep getting worse, I can't control people around me, or what shops use to clean etc my friends and family r great, my work do try but some staff don't seem to realise that smells travel so still have a few episodes but I do worry that if this keeps escalating what more can they do to help before I end up housebound?

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I sympathize I have anaphylactic allergies to substances which are all around in the environment. I can't say I have found an answer all I can say is be as careful as possible to avoid the substances you have issues with which is not an easy task...

I have tried wearing personal protective equipment such as a mask an N95 mask, but this is not fool proof solution and looks odd so only used as a last resort. You could try to educate those in the work place so they have a better understanding of the issues you are experiencing. Are you on the maximum meds antihistamine wise to help with the reactions? Also are you on the appropriate nasal sprays, eye drops etc


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