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do your attacks start differently depending on the cause?


I am just curious to see how others find the starts of their attacks. I realised today after sitting next to some who wears stupidly strong perfume that i'd been avoiding all day that the reason it seems more sudden is cause it starts slower and I dont really notice till its making me feel really ill but when other things are setting it off I can feel it building so kinda prepared for it.

Does anyone else find this or is it just in my head? Was kinda frightening more than normal cause I felt if i'd tried to stand I would've collapsed. Thankfully I was able to tell my colleagues one of whom understands really well so she ran to get my spacer aand inhaler from my bag in the next room.

Dunno if it may just be me but it got me curious


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I have 2 types. When younger my attacks could suddenly occur without warning or exposure to only a few triggers with little response to my inhaler. Still have these but now more common is when I have a build up of symptoms and despite all treatments control remains poor till I no longer respond to the nebs and thens it's fun at a and e


Mine are different - the exercise ones are easier because they're more predictable and respond quickly to ventolin. The others are less manageable - I've got a chest infection and had an attack last night that scared the **** out of me because it woke me up and came from nowhere, and took a while to calm down (was at the point of thinking I had to go to hospital.)


I'm reassured to know its not just me. I have found that my attacks triggered by oranges and perfume are alot scarier cos I dont tend to motice it till my nreathin gets really short and diffivult so it gets alot harder to get back under control but when its stuff like ive done too much or the weather or stress I tend to cough more before it gets too bad so I can get it sorted quicker.


Hi cazzy,

yeah I've noticed all the different types of beginnings myself recently.

I mostly start coughing first, sometimes it responds quickly to ventolin other times it's a cough that strangles me and is bad.

Or I just get a tight chest and it feels like breathing through a thin straw, mostly without a wheeze.

I daren't laugh at the moment(and I love laughing so much!!) as for some strange reason gives me a tickle in my throat and then coughing badly and that leaves me being short of breath?!

So silly and just unpredictable :-(

hope you're well.

Love Lydia x


Hi Cazzy,I have noticed if my daughter who is nearly 3 and has asthma laughs too much that sets it off,the damp air does too.I have read a lot about strong perfume setting sufferers off too.


My attacks normally start slowly and are triggered by cold, smoke, flour, dairy etc but I stupidly ignore the symptoms then suddenly I'm struggling to breathe.

However today I was at work (don't know what triggered it) and I commented to my colleague that it felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest (I don't usually have this symptom) she asked if I'd taken my inhaler (pretty glad she did as I didn't assosiate it with asthma cos i'm not used to that) and by the time I'd got it I was really struggling. Was really weird. xxxx



Im still new to this, and havent been taking too much notice of how and when my attacks start.

Normally I start coughing,

And when I'm at work I put myself under pressure by not taking a break to get it under control.


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