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Frustrated (and a lil bit scared if im honest)


Generally frustrated at the minute, asthma is really dumb the last few weeks, its been playin up more often than nomal yet when I do peak flow its often normal or at times above normal, been struggling to take my inhaler properly when its gotten really bad.

Earlier though with my partner was round and it set off again and I just couldn't even do my inhaler, thankfully I'd taken my reliever before I'd started what I was doing and I managed it fairly well but its so rough as I took it once and near choked myself. tried it after and couldnt breath in hard enough, it was so frustrating I was getting annoyed with myself, my partner and my inhaler...My partner thought I was just being mardy and not taking it and yet normally shes great with me if anything happens. That was 3 and a half hours ago and its still not great when I start laughing.

Thing is, i'm due to go to hospital this summer, just over 12 wks time (not that i'm counting) This will my 3rd op in last few years and first time I didnt come out of anesthetic straight forwardly, second time, even though I came out same day it took me ages to get breathing back to normal.

Last 2, I wasn't officially asthmatic, though it was diagnosed after the 2nd. Everyone's been telling me its important that its important and that I cant let it get bad between now and then and I'm petrified that summat'll happen this time especially with the problems I'm having with my inhaler so frustrating but really scared too so guess, not looking for any answers, just wanted to sound out my fears with people who'd actually understand rather that ones that just moan at me or make things worse.

Seein my doc on friday about other things, will mention my inhalers to him but think may have to try and make and appointment with the nurse again, not good.

Sorry for moaning.

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hey Cazzy,

Do you use a spacer with your inhaler? It makes your inhaler alot more effective, and well as making it easier to take.

Good luck with your opperation, talk through with your docs before your opp about the worries you have, then they should be able to carlm your feers and make some suggestions on what they can do for you.

ally :)


No I dont have a spacer but a few people have mentioned it now so I'm wondering if I should mention it when im at the docs tonight, dunno if he'll give me one or make me wait to see asthma nurse tho. Always get worried about asking about things.

Spoke to a few people on here now who've had ops before so it cant be as bad as its all made out to be.The last time I spoke to my asthma nurse though she said as long as i increase things to keep on top of the situation it should be ok.



I have had ops whilst having a bad asthma time just need to be honest with Drs they are likely to dose you up on salbutamol nebs before and wake you up more slowly. I was classed as high risk due to prevous problems and acid reflux so had a consultant anasethist and ITU were aware of me just in case!


I would ask you doctor for a spacer. I have one for when I am having problems tking my inhalers and it works wonders. You are controlling the speedy you breath thre medication in through the spacer instead of having to cope with the speddy it comes out of the inhaler at. Good lcuk at the doctors and I am sure that once you have the spacer it will help you 100%




Went docs last night, cant believe I was so worried, got some tablets to try and sort out the problems with my ears and got a spacer too, the doc even laughed that I'd been so worried about asking, so I picked it up this morning (stupid issues with the chemist last night) Just gotta work out how too use it to make sure I'm doing it properly and hopefully things should get a bit easier.

Just wanna say thanks for the reassurance guys :)


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