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Last night when I was in hospital, I was given Oxygen for a long time after my attack. One thing i noticed was that while I was on it, my cough pretty much went away. Almost as soon as I came off it again to go home, I began coughing like mad again. Just wondering why that was, I don't want oxygen at home, in fact thats the last thing I need right now, but I wondered why my cough settled the way it did?

Any thoughts?

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Hi there,

I found the same when I've been on Oxygen - I always thought it was because your body doesn't have to work so hard to get the oxygen into your, there is less of a need to clear mucous etc when oxygen is free and abudant.

Hope you are feeling much better and settled.


My doc, bless his heart, explained it to me this way, your heart pumps oxygen round the body, and notices that it isnt getting enough, like a fuel tank blockage, so it signals your lungs to produce more, but your lungs cant so whilst attempting it they convulse and cough. but its a circle, your heart starts working harder to get oxygen round and your lungs try to keep up and cough even more... then along comes the oxygen fairy (yes im 52, nearly chocked laughing at him) and pumps it in, the heart goes whooppeeeee I can rest so doesn't push your lungs into working too hard. If this doesn't help, I hope at least it made you smile x


It did make me laugh and it made a lot of sense. It was so funny because after I left, my partner found it so funny listening to me bark, there are times it rattles the windows which can be funny.


I think the ""Oxygen fairy"" bit made my day, got me grinning from ear to ear! I wonder if the oxygen fairy is friends with the ""prednisolone pixie"" or the ""salbutamol sprite"". Sorry I think I got a bit carried away, the reasoning the doctor gave makes sense I'm just not so sure on the terminology, lol!


Glad it made you smile. my GP is an old fashioned Irishman, who at times talks to me like I'm 10 years old, but bless him, he always does his best for me. I'm pleased that you have a supportive partner, hold on tight to him, mine did a runner ... lol


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