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Oxygen Saturations

I have been wondering this for a while, and I wanted to get some other people's views on this or what they have been told by their doctors regarding measurements of SPo2.

I was told, by a few doctors, that during an asthma attack that my saturations would not drop unless it was being complicated by an infection or it was getting serious and more help would be needed. Yet I have been told by nurses and paramedics before now that they can't help me as ""Your SATs are fine"". I have begun to hate that phrase as it can lead to me not getting the right treatment and has nearly ended badly on many occasions.

What do you all think?

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Everytime i have an attack and go into hospital my SAT's are always low, they have been 75% before and are usually between 80-85% when im ill and they always do a blood gas (ABG). i always end up on bi-pap or get intubated :/ - but my lungs are very naughty and i do have 02 all the time anyway. My friends with severe asthma sometimes their SATs dont drop untill they are in BIG trouble - so i think it depends on the person and how much perminat lung damage they have. This is just my opinion!


mine are random sometimes drop right down to low 80's and other times stay in 90's...sometimes high 90's then drop dramatically. I think it is very individual.


My oxygen level is normally quite normal but Resps, Bp and Pulse are very high when I have asthma attacks setting of all kinds of alarms. Then it starts to drop suddenly. I certainly don't like all the drama so tell them to read up on my records and act quickly as apologises are not sufficient. Cos I came for help not to stay.



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