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Bronchial wall thickening

Last year when I had a CT scan, it showed areas of thickened Bronchial Walls. I also have some symptoms which may or may not be related, I guess I just want to draw on the experiences of others. It is like having a stiff muscle in my chest and its hard to get a breath in on some days. As a result, my asthma kicks off pretty much all the time and I am at that point where I am wondering what can be done about the whole thing.

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Sorry to bump, just kind of hoping someone knows this situation


my ct scan results showd the same thing, thickening. i am told it is due to m underlying disease of broncho pulmonary dysplasia. i get the same symptoms u describe, but i dunno what is asthma or wat is bpd? sorry, not much help, but just to let u know that i understand, kind of...


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