Morning Asthma

Has anyone been woken up 1st thing in a morning with their asthma being really REALLY bad? These last few days have been woken up feeling like my chest was being sat on by a whole herd of elephants and my wheezing actually woke up poor Tom who must have been wondering what the noise was about (baby crying next door and an asthma attack next to you sounds pretty strange).

Has anyone else had an attack in their sleep and been woken up by it?

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  • Yep I have had this. Quite often wake up feeling suffocated. Be careful, take your reliever and if it doesn't work then move to the next step of your action plan......if you have one!

  • I did that and then as was still wheezy and not a happy bunny, used my neb and some extra pred as per my action plan. It was weird, I didn't know what was causing it or even feel it happen :s

  • I ahve had attacks in my sleep that have woken others up but not me...they have subsequently woken me up..bundled me in the car and taken me to A and E! I often find early mornings have that the feeling of elephants...and it takes me a while to tame them and get on with the rest of the day.

  • I have relatively mild asthma but if im brewing a chest infection, then I always wake with the biggest herd of nellies on my chest and feel I cant actually take a breath until Ive reached for my inhaler.

    Once ive used this I can feel everything opening up.

    I dread going to bed when Im ill as I know when I wake up I'll have this to contend with.

  • Mornings are the worst time for me too and get worse when going downhill. Have always had morning dips. Have woken up with a drowning sensation too and have had to prop myyself up during an exacerbation. Also woken up with loud wheezing I thought was a mobile phone, lol.

  • yep its happened to me and its awful. i always have my inhalers, phones,medical alarm and a drink next to me after the last time it happended as they were too far away from me to do anything. my chest is often heavy but the painkillers i take smooth the edge off the pain. hope you are feeling better x

  • Feel a bit more human, but have had about 3 nebs today which for me is a usual sign that things are getting a bit out of whack. The best thing I can do for now is keep an eye on things and if it is taking more nebs than usual to settle, then it looks like an A and E trip may end up being on the cards. :(

  • woke up with awful chest this morning, aint been same all day... titeness coming and going etc. grrrr...

    normally i am worst in the mornings but not THIS bad as i was today


  • My lungs are worst in mornings and evenings (more in evenings) but it's gradually been creeping in to meet in the middle. I do wake up breathless (yesterday got way out of breath turning head to look at clock!)

    Snowygirl - hope you can stay away from you-know-where!

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