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Coughing, wheezing... 2 Pokemon at once

or thats what my partner says. Yes we like making some light as to how things are going. I think theres some nasty viral things going around, but have picked up something nasty, but am in that inbetween stage, just before something happens that is less than pleasant.

Anywho, my problem is that I can't seem to lie comfortably, I have taken my pain meds, tried my V pillow and everything else I can think of, any ideas as I could REALLY do with some SLEEP!!?

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I stuck my lever-arch file from my GCSE's/Junior Cert underneath my matresss then stuck a few old school books on top so the actual bed is lifted a bit. Then piled the pillows up so they were in a V shape against the wall. That seems to help.

Hope you feel better soon, know the feeling. I've come down with something viral that's quite quickly progressing downwards. Grrr.

Hope this helps

Vicky x


Managed to get some sleep last night, thanks to a combination of good pain relief, nebs, V pillow and using some rather large stuffed toys, as bizarre as that sounds. Took temp this morning as was hot and clammy, 40.2, I couldn't believe it! So took paracetamol, scheduled a docs appt and now just trying to get some rest...

fun huh?


There's lots of viruses around. Hope you feel better soon. xx


Yeah there is a lot going around at the mo. Not being helped by a 2kg guinea pig who likes to sit on my chest when hes out for a fuss. I love Patch, but he really is a big lad!


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