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Off Work....AGAIN!

I'm off work again... this year has been a total nightmare. Hospitalised in April, off work for a week in June and July, and now I have the start of yet another flare up. Just been on the phone crying to mum, my lungs feel as if they are now properly broken and I won't be able to live a normal life ever again. Seeing the Dr tomorrow, It's so embarrasing going back week after week. They don't do anything than shrug their shoulders and say, it just happens.

People at work are begining to talk too - I always work hard and it's so frustrating to keep having time off. They must think I'm a waster or something.

My lungs feel like a sponge filled with solid superglue. Im currently on Seretide 250, 2 puffs twice a day and ventolin. It's not enough. Predisolone sorts me out, but really don't want to go on them long term - although maybe I'll have to. Has anyone tried anything else that seems to help?

A rambling and depressed 28yr old

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I know how you feel - its very frustrating when it feels like your health is holding you back at work, particularly if when you are there you work REALLY hard and end up probably making yourself more ill! And other people are taking time off for silly cold type things which you battle through and only take time off when you can hardly breathe.

Do you only take Seretide? It might be worth adding a puff of Flixotide (which is the steroid bit of Seretide so works over a longer time and is a preventative). You don't want to take too much steroid but it might stop you getting the flare ups which would mean less Pred. Also if you find your gunky and feel clogged up Spiriva might be an option as that works on a more COPD type basis, I found that both of these helped but your GP might think one is better for you, maybe ask about both and see what they say? Its obvious your asthma isn't under control so I think adding something else at this point is reasonable.

Hope this helps, even just to know you're not alone!

Rachel (23 and frustrated/depressed about being ill a lot of the time!)


getting asthma control

Hi lucky star,

sorry your having so many probs with your asthma, but if your having probs and not getting better go back to your gp/asthma nurse.tell them its not controlling your asthma and you need your meds reviewed, try what they suggest, if you still have probs keep going back - each week if you have to. Believe me if you pester them they will have to do something. Let them try to sort out the prob, if they really not bothering ask them to refer you to an asthma clinic. Or put the ball in their court and say where do we go from here? this isn't working what are my options? could i try this.Go in to see nurse/gp and tell them your asthma is controlling your life and you cant do every day things.Speak to the asthma helpline too, they can help and make suggestions you can try.Stand up for your self and be assertive but not abusive or threatening.There are leaflets on site factfiles/pdf files or you can order these off the site and they give you guidelines of when you need an asthma review and whether your asthma is under control. There is a quiz you can take on site to see how well your asthma is controlled. Take the asthma review leaflet and the asthma control sheet and show to gp and say according to this i need something done. How can they argue with you when its written in black and white in front of them. Alot of gps have no knowledge of asthma its treatment or care and need to refer you to a specialist. Please dont put up with it cos you should'n t have to, there are meds out there to control you and theres no reason why you should live in misery. I have been through this myself, so know exactly where yor coming from.

love sj



There is more you can be taking for your asthma before long term prednisolone. Ask your gp wot your options are as you feel that your asthma isn't well controlled and effecting you daily. If he can't suggest then ask regarding a referral to a hospital consultant. Drs don't like getting told but willing to discuss if asked. Try and not stress about work. If ur unwell then nothing u can do. Stressing about it can make it worse.


Back from Hospital...

Hello guys, thanks for your messages and advice,

Following my last post, I was admitted to hosp and was only well enough to come home yesterday. My Oxygen Sats dropped to 81, even when I was put on nebs/oxygen driver. They've put me back in Pred (3rd time within 6 months) and have given me Montekulast to see if that helps. Luckily, I have also been given 2 'rescue' packs of steriods just in case.

My PEF has gone up to around 300 - although my normal range is between 350 - 400. I've even managed to get 450 - 500 on really good days prior to the attack. I guess it will take a little while to get back to normal.

I don't care about work - I've decided. I now realise how dangerous my condition was and how precious life is - work just isn't worth it!

I'm also being tested for Aspergillus to see if I'm particlarly allergic/sensitive to mould/funghi spores. Will get the results with consultant either this week or next. Either way, I'm being managed by the hospital now and I have a direct line no. for the consultant's secretary - so no getting away with this now!!! hahaha, I'm gunna pester and pester until this damn thing is sorted!

Hope you're all well and breathing easy.

Love to you all



Your right Luckystar work is not worth it you health is far more important, just take it easy and your be back upon your feet before you know it. Take care xxx



rest up and hope you feel alot better and stronger.

dont worry about work if you do go to work make sure you have any needs made better for you xxxxx


it can be hard to accept that some things have to change to deal with asthma. work is definately not as important as your health although its difficult being broke or having work makes not understand but you need to put yourself first....hope you are feeling better x


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