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Lung Function Test Results

Hi guys,

I haven't been on here for awhile - I hope you're all ok and baring up with the recent change in weather.

I had my LFT today, I was alittle worried about the results, as I had to start Pred again two days ago and my peakflow has dropped v.low again. Although I wasn't expecting a perfect result, I was anxious to find that my FEV1 was only 36% of my predicted 71%. Everything else seemed ok, and the Lung Diffusion Test (the one that measures your lung gas exchange) was good...it's just this FEV1. I had some ventolin and they done a post-test and my FEV1 didn't improve much at all. Im worried that without demostrating reversibilty (improvement of more than 15% post-ventolin), I will be diagnosed with COPD - falling into the severe bracket.

Has anyone else had similar LFT results? I'm confused and worried. I've been on pred 5 times this year and so want to get better and back to normal. I'm scared I'll never get better and something worse will happen. I've been in hosp twice and the last one was close..

Sorry for being gloomy

I really hope you're all well. On a ligher note, I've just devoured a chocolate pud - it made me forget things, even it was for a few moments. The power of chocolate!


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Know the feeling !!

Hey, dont worry yourself too much.

When they did mine it only increased by 8% and like you i was quite worried about it, however my consultant just put it down as my ""normal"" and told me not to worry, so we came up with a plan to multidose when i needed it and focus on preventative medication to try and minimise my use of ventolin.

hope this helps :)



Thanks Becca - my post-test only impoved by 4% :-s for FEV1. My lungs are swollen lumps at the moment and it's only been 2 days on pred...maybe if I could do it when I'm feeling better, I'd have a different result? Will wait and see what Consultant says in 2 months time! Arghh, the wait...


hi G,

please dont take this the wrong way, but if you are quite overweight the FEV1 can be quite low.

if that is not the case like you say it may just be because you have inflamation at the moment, a retest soon may be a change,

the PIKO 1 peak flow meter does both FEV1 and Peak flow, can be got on prescription, i find it a great tool as the FEV1 is more sensitive to how my asthma is,

good luck,

and dont worry too much about a 1 off reading,



My lung function is 28% :/ so i would not worry too much! Hope your feeling better soon!! xxx :)


Thank you guys,

Haha, George - I'm not easily offended! I'm not overweight, though I'm on my way to getting there ! (It's the pred that makes me want to eat copious amounts of cakes and chocolate ). I do have a PIKO Peakflow at home - doing it daily now. Thing is, although I know that a 'normal' fev1 should be 70% of your predicted fev1, but don't know what mine should be?

Went back to Dr's today, as started coughing up all colours this morning. Now on antibiotics - first chest infection this year! Loads going around at the moment - I've been on/off steroids for awhile now and I know they can make you low - I suppose I picked up some infection from a less savory kind at work :-s eek

And thank you for you message Chloe - 28% is rather low. I only hope you also see an improvement and feel better soon!

Best wishes everyone x


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