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peak flow reading still on low side HELP

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with asthma. I had an attack end of feb and was put on steroid tabs as the reliever wasnt working. I am know on qvar100 and ventolin as needed but my peak flow is still on low side. Highest peak flow got once is 370 and should beable to get 427 -440. I am 5ft 6 female 47 and not overweight so surely i should beable to get more from my lungs. Chest tightness is not as bad as was but still get out of breath when doing activities walking etc. tAKE QVAR 2 puffs twice a day. Generally my reading is around 320-350. Any thoughts anyone?

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Have you thought of making an appointment to see an asthma nurse who mght be able to advice you


I'd agree with asthmagirl - GP or asthma nurse as you don't seem well controlled on that and they'll probably need to tweak it.


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