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Research advice and/ or research partner wanted

bere:architects is an architectural practice in Central London that has a keen interest in sustainability, ecology and the healthy co-existance of built and natural environments. In all of our residential projects we specifiy heat recovery ventilation systems (they provide a constant supply of filtered and tempered fresh air). We have now installed systems in a variety of locations across London. Recently the filters have been changed for the first time at one of our exemplar projects and the levelof trapped particulates was shocking.

We would now, alongside our practice, like to initiate a research project on HRV systems in an effort to assess & combat the level of pollutants in homes and also in order to advise manufacturers of the HRV systems on suggested improvements and possibly building regulation authorities on best practice for building healthy homes.

We need to find an academic researcher who would like to take advantage of the sites we have to source funding and pursue this research (or perhaps the research would be towards a PHD).

Any advice welcome and please contact me if the above is of interest.

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