seretide 50/500

Hi guys, just had my annual Asthma check, unfortunately my asthma not being controlled, as I have been using Ventolin reliever a lot more. Was on one puff twice a day, and have got to increase to 2 puffs twice a day, I did question the face that I thought I was on maximum dosage for my age and weight etc., but was told that it is quite ok for me to increase to 2 puffs for about 4 to 6 weeks to get my asthma back in control - so I am a little apprehensive, would appreciate any comments thanks a lot Krissie x

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  • hi krissie

    i'm confused - do you have an inhaler which is 50mcg serevent and 500 fluticasone? or is that the total of your 2 puffs?


  • Polly,

    The 50/500 is possibly more likely to be an accuhaler instead of an MDI puffer type inhaler for a guess?

  • aaah, I see, gotcha ;)


  • I was given similar advice even though im on a lower doses on seritide 25/125 when my asthma is out of control 2puffs twice daily when asthma is good 1puff twice daily so i wouldn't worry maybe it's the same for all people on seritide i don't know ....

    Amy xx

  • Seretide Inhalers

    I've recently been prescribed Seretide in response to my asthma not being as controlled as it once was. Should i be taking this regularly (GP suggests taking ater Clenil in the mornings) or only when i have a flare up? Just a little concerned that yet another medication added to the list.

    Many Thanks


  • Joules - you have to take it regularly as it's a preventer and needs time to build up.

    Krissie - I am on Seretide and it's very good. I would have thought it was ok to increase the dose but if you are really worried I suggest you go back to your GP.

    Edit. On reflection Krissie, perhaps you'd better double check the dosage with your GP if you're unsure.

  • Hi Krissie

    Am on seretide 500 accuhaler and i wouldn't worry about been on 2puffs day n night for about 4 to 6 weeks. As when ever am ill or feel my asthma isnt quite controlled i have to go on to 2 puffs day n night straight away for 2 weeks n usally improves things straight away then i just go back down to 1 puff day n night again untill i get worse or become ill again.

    Hope this helps


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