acid reflux/heartburn

I have a viral infection at the moment and I am on anti bs, and I am on the mend. Prior to this starting found I was using my ventolin due to tight chested etc., have been doing some hearty coughing and hence the acid reflux/heartburn is in the fore again. Doctors up at my surgery do not think there is a connection with this and asthma and purely a coincidence. They prescribe omeprazole that works great with me but will only give it short term at my witts end what to do. any help would be appreciated.


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  • Some asthma medications are well documented to cause GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease , but upto 80% of asthma suffers also have GERD, and the research isn't conclusive but I've personally found the high doses of the LABA like salmeterol to cause GERD, but over the counter remedies like Rennie helped.

    Non tech website to back up the link, maybe you should have another go at your GP

  • I would talk to your GP again, especially about the Omeprozole if it works for you.

    I take Omeprozole daily for this problem and to protect my stomach from the possibility of ulcers caused by daily Pred and it has been fantastic for me. Is there a reason your docs won't give it longer term?

  • gerd treatment

    hi krissie

    I suffered from GERD quite a bit last summer & got prescribed ranitidine. Althugh still got fed up with the cough & without wanting to add to the list of drugs I take did a bit of research & found out that GERD can be caused by bacteria. I started taking Yakult daily, sometimes twice daily which cured it. I now dont need the tablets which is a result.

    I went for Yakult over actimel due to the amount of sugar in actimel.

    hopefully that might work for you too

  • acid reflux/heartburn

    Hi guys

    thank you so much for replying to my post, at last I have folk that understand how I feel.

    Your comments and suggestions will help get this sorted for me.

    Thanks again, and a Happy New Year to you all.

    Krissie x

  • Hi, I have always found Gaviscon (mint - not the vile aniseed original flavour) to be a life saver! I had severe heartburn throughout both of my pregnancies (also during exams) and always had a giant bottle nearby to 'swig' from! As it is quite natural (seaweed based) it is practically impossible to overdose on and has very few side effects. The major benefit is immediate relief due to it coating the oesophagus and if used regularly will prevent acute attacks.

    Hope this helps x

  • was at the hospital today, one of the respiratory nurse's said that they now say asthmatics may show heart burn symptoms instead of coughing for signs of change in asthma. not seen any research to verify this sorry

  • I am having increased probs with my asthma just now inc coughing and sickness. I also have had heartburn again which I always get if my coughing and asthma worsen so I would be very surprised if there is no connection. I take ranatidine for the heartburn and it works

  • Sitting on computer at 4am with raging heartburn and feeling really sick - coughing too.

    Haven't had heartburn like this since my last pregnancy 12 years ago.......recognised side effect of the new inhaler I started last night (rare, but recognised).....why is it i have all the flipping side effects??

    No wonder my docs are giving up on me.


  • Hey,

    Fee-Hope you managed to get some sleep last night. Are you on anything for reflux? Reflux can be part of a vicious cirlcle, reflux can trigger your asthma off, then some asthma drugs (esp pred) can cause reflux.... so its a really good idea to get your reflux sorted!

    Just wondering does anyone know if being on Omeprazole 40mg twice a day is the normal dose?

    thank you!


  • ally, I thought omeprazole dose was 20mg twice daily or 40mg once, and the SPC looks similar.

    Fee, may be worth trying to sleep a bit more upright, less chance of the offending substances travelling back up the esophagus, and yes post below is spot on about it aggravating asthma, viscous circle.

  • Thanks guys,

    Will speak to GP if heartburn continues - sorry about hijacking someone elses post! Was rather peed off and not with it at 4am and really related to heartburn issue!


  • Hmmm.....I see the rationale behind it - just not sure how it would work in practice Woody!

    Surely using acid to combat it has been investigated?


  • thanks woody-som, 20mg once a day dose seem to be the norm. I was more wondering if any one else was on a higher dose? my consultant put me on it, I just thought it was quite a large dose to start off on, but I'm sure he knowes what hes doing!

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