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New here

Hi I'm new to this website so please forgive me if I'm touching on anything that's been talked about before.

I've had asthma since I was 3 but it was never really a problem until about 2 years ago. My flat developed really bad damp which was worst in my flatmate's bedroom but really seemed to irritate my asthma and the landlord wouldn't fix it. Since then I've moved to a new flat and been switched around on inhalers. Now I'm on symbicourt and my asthma is good other than the occasional slip so I usually go weeks between needing to take my sulbutamol. I am worried about the occasional slip though because sometimes it's just a little thing and other times I'm at the doctors to get nebulised. Even though my dream of being a pilot will probably never happen I did find out that if I control my asthma it wouldn't stop me from passing the medical (yay). As well as that I need to lose weight so I need to reduce the slips and lose weight and my asthma nurse tells me one will help with the other.

Sometimes when I cough I can't stop and that's something I'm also worried about. I guess I'm trying to find some kind of exercise I can do that won't push me into a cough I can't shake off and any tips for taking care of my asthma until I move again.

Quick explanation on that - the landlord's idea of blocking up a fireplace is to fill it with cardboard which had gone mouldy and was a serious problem when some wildlife attempted to move in there and disturbed it. My flatmate and I have replaced the cardboard and asked the landlord to block it properly but apparently allergens won't travel through cardboard so it shouldn't be a problem. We're moving out anyway.

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Hello Haeronalda, and welcome to the forum!

Don't worry about raising topics that have been discussed before, though if you want to look at old discussions (some of which are very helpful), there is a search box on the side of the forum.

Sorry to hear about the situation with your flat. That sounds a bit ridiculous, but I'm glad you're moving out of there. That wouldn't be good for anyone's lungs!

Do you use Symbicort regularly only, or are you on the SMART protocol? I was on SMART for a while, and liked it a lot, though it took quite a bit of convincing (hospital pharmacists showing me the research papers, etc.) before I agreed to start it!

Welcome again, and I look forward to getting to know you.



Hi Jo,

Yeah I'm glad I'm getting out of there too. Things have improved since we put our foot down on the unexpected visits (landlord lives downstairs) but I'm still at the point of having panic attacks whenever I see her leading her to believe my asthma is worse than it is.

I take Symbicourt as my preventer inhaler, one puff twice a day when I'm good and remember and once a day if I'm bad and forget and my asthma has gotten way better since I started on it. For a while I was scared I would lose my job because it could take something as little as a customer wearing too much aftershave to set it off.

I've kind of been watching the discussions here for a while and everyone seems nice and it would be great to talk to someone who understands asthma. My flatmate is too complacent about his so I sometimes get annoyed at him when we talk about it, my mum's a worrier and together she and my best friend baby me most of the time which I think is part of the problem. Trying to keep a little fit by walking as often as possible doesn't work when your mum has your best friend make sure you buy and use a buspass because you're on prednisolone for a week.


Welcome Haeronalda,

HBope you find the forum as useful as everyone else seems to. Is a place to find good understanding and support when you need it most, always someone on here.


Hi and welcome. What a landlord thank goodness your leaving. I am sure you will enjoy this forum.



Hi and welcome to the forum. Lots of useful information on here and nice people. With regard to coughing, have you tried Pholcodine? My son was prescribed it for a bad cough and it really helps. You can buy it over the counter too. Good luck and I hope your move goes well.


Thanks guys :)

I've not really tried anything for the cough except a boots cough-mix to soothe my throat when I've been coughing a lot to stop it turning to sandpaper but I will definately give it a try


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