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Anyone taken Singulair. Seretide and Uniphyllin?


I have been taking Singulair for about a month now and feel that I have improved. There again, I have been up and down before so I can't be absolutely sure it will continue and in fact, it is due to Singulair. (As soon as I say I am feeling really well, I take a down turn - it's as though someone is saying don't get too cocky!) I don't want to jinx myself but we are supposed to exist on the least amount of medication possible so I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has improved on Singulair to the extent that they have been able to reduce say the seretide or stop the uniphyllin? If I continue to feel well (touch wood) of course I will ask my GP and will definitely will not do anything without his instructions but am just curious.




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Hi Carla,

I have been on singulair a few years back. When first taking it I felt really well, but six months down the line I found it wasn't working and went down hill very quickly. I'm not saying this will happen to you but for armed is for warned. I am now taking Accolate 20mg twice a day, I have been on this now for three years and with a combination of Symbicort and Spirivia I am controlled, for now at least.

I hope you find a drug that really suits you. Belinda


I've been on singulair 6 weeks and have also noticed an improvement. I take seretide but as two different inhalers ie serevent and flixotide, cos I have different doses of each. So I am thinking of reducing the flixo from 4 puffs twice a day to 3, and see how it goes. I'm allowed to cut down to as little as 2 puffs twice a day (in stages) if I'm really well. However I'm not going to rock the boat just yet - I am going to wait til I've been on it 3 months so I know the improvement is real

What I would really like to do is reduce the pred (tho I'm only on 5mg a day at the moment, but would love to get off it one day) but I'm told that singulair blocks an entirely different inflammatory pathway so I cannot reduce the pred :(

I hate adding any drug to my list unless I can cut one out at the same time (someone else said this recently too!) but I must admit that tho I was reluctant to add singulair, it's made a real difference so far


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