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Hi My attacks are becoming more frequent and am having to use prednisolone more often. I have had spirometry tests which were not too bad considering I have been asthmatic for all my life and a heart scan which was fine.I have had some great help from members regarding my absences from work and pressure from employers which of course is extra stress that can make asthma worse. When I last saw the consultant I asked if there was any different medication I could try so he added spiriva even though I don't have COPD saying it may help but it hasn't. He also thought worry might be a factor as, as it is more frequent it does worry me and he gave me one course of anti-depressants. I take seretide and spiriva. I have periods when I am absolutely fine. I also tried montelukast a while back which did not make any difference either. I am worried about the increased use of pred and already take alendronic acid and colecalciferol tablets for my bones. My question is, has nothing replaced prednisolone over all these years and are there any other medications that may benefit me? I read about so many different ones on these pages.I know my consultant should know best but I would like your opinion also to what is out there. Besides the medication I take for my bone problems, are their any vitamins etc that I could take that might help counteract the effects on the body that the steroids have? Your advice is gratefully appreciated.

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There are quite a few medcines which might help:

Alvesco (Steroid Inhaler)

Atrovent (same class as spiriva)

Subcut (Ventolin/Bricanyl)

Immunnosurpressants e.g. mucophenylate and methotrexate


Antifungal meds if problems with moulds


I am sure there are other drugs which can be used as well...


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