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Can't get rid of this breathlessness - please help

I have been ill for 4 weeks with breathlessness (hardly any wheezing) and was in hospital for 5 days my peak flow has improved from the 200 but despite having taken pred, slophyllin and seretide I am still breathless. Said it could be a virus. My GP added Singulair but I have seen no improvement. I am also started using a saltpipe. I was ill at the same time last year Easter and the May Bank holiday with exactly the same symptoms (hospitalised 3 days) and the Gp then put me on seretide and I have been absolutely marvelous until now. Like last year I thought it was never going to go - it took about 6 weeks and then it did. Do you think it might be the tree pollen? My doctor and the consultant asked me if I had any pets. I have a dog which is a big part of my life. I have had ""scruffy-type"" dogs as that type of hair does not seem to affect me, but short pointed hair does. Surely if it was dog-related it would be there all the time? I would be very distressed if it was the dog. I would be grateful for your thoughts.

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the fact that this has happened at the same time of year does point to possible Hay Fever with tree pollen being your trigger. I suggest you go and see your Gp and suggest the possibility of starting on antihistamines.

Do you have any other symptoms - itchy eyes, snotty/blocked nose?

Like you say if it was dog related then y not the probs all round, mayb ask for some allergy tests as well.

Good luck and keepm us posted


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