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Is biggest not always best? - Nebulisers

I need to buy a new nebuliser - I have an old Medix. Omron seems to be the favourite on the boards. It will probably seem a daft question but are the small ones just as powerful - suppose they are as they would not be bought, but just need to ask! I had looked at the Medix World Traveller which is quite large in comparison. I need one that I can take to the US.

Grateful for your advice.

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Biggest means heaviest, not necessarily best. I have a small Pari one, which is just as powerful as the Medix World Traveller, 400g as opposed to the 9lb I weighed the MWT at (and I believe a newer version of the Pari I have is even lighter now), and can be taken abroad. I know many here have Omron nebs, but as I have no experience of these I can't comment on them. All I know is that I love my Pari, wouldn't be without it and is much quieter than the MWT.




Just to second what BeckyG said about the Pari it has not yet let me down. I will admit I'm pretty bad at cleaning nebulisers after I've used them and really don't think I'd cope with cleaning an Omron, with the Pari you just clean your neb kit like you would with a normal nebuliser. I wouldn't be able to do all that boiling of mesh or whatever. As I have said before as well the battery life on the Pari is very good. I have had mine about 14 months and charged it about 5 times. I have found the in car charger useful as well and just leave it in the car now. The Pari maybe bigger than the Omron but it is defo worth it.

Tks xxx


Hello Carla,

I use the Omron microair and find it is fantastic - the only problem is the cleaning though it can take a bit of abuse and survive a day or two without. I rarely boil my meshes now due to an expensive lack of attention last year - I forgot and melted them. You can plonk them in dilute vinegar or in a steredent+ water - works fine! They run on AA bateries - rechargeables or I keep some ordinary ones just in case with them.

The Pari ones seem quite good and have probably got lighter since I looked at one years ago. Plus they are a compressor and you can whack anything through them. The Omron may not take steroids ( can't remember).



Hi Carla,

I agree with Kate. My Omron microair – paid for by PCT – has been an absolute godsend re self management control of chronic severe asthma. (Have avoided ‘the pits’ late/early morning unauthorised visits to A and E for just a year now thanks to this nebuliser) It does seem as powerful as the ones used by paramedics and in hospital.

It’s utterly quiet – another positive feature for me, and can deliver usual short acting reliever meds far more quickly and effectively than by other means, e.g. spacers. Most importantly it is exceptionally portable. You can carry it in a medium sized to smallish handbag, ( the sort of size that MUST include other essentials such as lippy and mobile) bumbag – if doing sporting activities- and any other carry on size bag such as the ones you can take on airplanes.

I’m taking mine with me at the end of June when going on holiday to the same destination as you - the US. Will be doing lots of travelling cross states so need something easy to pack in a rucksack.

Again not tried nebbing steroids, but think you should be taking ‘maintenance dose’ of steroid tablets if unsure re balance of nebbing steroids versus relief of symptoms in a controlled way,- if that makes sense. Please check with your doctor though.

Kate,- thanks for the tip about using steradent tabs. Can’t use vinegar. React very badly, even to ‘washed out’ smell. But steradent tabs – no probs! XXX




Bought an Omron


Thanks to everyone for their replies. Decided on the Omron and what a difference from my old Medix! Besides being very effective it is so compact and unobtrusive. It is heaven to have no noise as the last thing you want to be worrying about is wakening up the neighbours in the middle of an attack, I know you shouldn't be bothered, but I couldn't help it! Lovely case as well (from a female point of view!). Don't feel you are lugging around some medical aid.

Two questions: How long does it take for inhalation with other users?

Will I have to check how to dispose of my old one?

Also, great news, the price has gone down a lot.


Carla xxx




Thought I'd just add my little bit. Took delivery of my Omron on Monday and it is absolutely fantastic. I'm using it for steroids and other nebs and my peak flows have gone up! Feel very secure knowing it will run on batteries or electric ( I brought the adaptor which is a bit bulky but still tiny compared to my old neb). No more worries about what to do in a power cut.

Did find it cheaper after I brought mine (typical!) I think it was Morton Healthcare site. If you want the details confirming drop me a pm.

Go for and have a wonderful holiday

Take care



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