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Immunotherapy for Pet Allergies

I remember reading but cannot find a post from a lady who was allergic to her pet and her consultant was willing to go out of his way to try all the options and said he would try immunotherapy. If you are still reading thre boards please let me know how you got on. I have read that immunotherapy is not generally used in asthmatics.

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I mentioned that my cons would try immunotherapy if it proved I was allergic to my dogs but ""luckily"" I wasnt !!

But he said he would try it for me cause the stress of getting rid of the dogs (one died 18mths ago) would do more harm than the allergy would if it proved I was allergic to them !!

Luckily I proved not but if you are in this situation of having to give up pets I would push as far as I could to get immunotherapy - my dog toby (& Boyo too before he died) are my life - beign nearly housebound their company keeps me going !!

SOrry for waffling but I think it was my post you were on about !!




Nice to hear from you. What a gem of a consultant! That's exactly how I feel. I'm moderately allergic but they haven't done any other allergy tests. It's just so strange as I am just very short of breath and not wheezing that's why they think it's an allergy -don't want to bore you or others but my history is in Desperate to keep my Dog.


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