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exercises to improve peak flow and coughing

Hi, I have late onset Asthma, which manifests itself predominantly as coughing a lot.

I have noticed since being diagnosed that my peak flow has gradually improved. Does anyone know any exercises that would improve my lung capacity? But also, that would reduce the amount I cough?



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mabew not specifically, but any exercise will improve lung capacity, can you swim, that is gentle and the air warm and moist, swimming under water trains you to hold your breath, hense increasing capacity, if you are looking for specific, you may want to look into the Power breath, it is a hand held device for lung wqork out, not tried it myself but could be worth a try, google it and see what you can find out, The flutter is another devise but it is mainly to help you cough up muck and clear chest, not sure if that is what your pproblem is.

hope this helps,

george x


After three admissions since April this year I was refered to the pulmary rehab unit at my local hospital. This unit mostly deals with patients with COPD but because of my breathing problems I was accepted to their excersise group, this is gentle exercises that can be done sitting as well as standing and uses the borg scale to measure and help control your breathing, I am finding it helpful.


i have googled these items and the power beath seems best as the flutter can also cause problems, by all means check them out for yourself and see which one you think would siut you best but always check with gp or nurse before trying them out,i think you can get the power breath at argos,i'll have to check again as im sure i saw it in the old catalogue,


Thanks for the replies, that's really interesting, and I amd going to check these out. I have found that over time my lung capacity is gradually improving, and that has given me the impetus to actively try and increase it.

I do still get the cough, I don't know what my triggers for the coughing are, but would really like to improve that, the meds I'm on don't seem to deal with the cough.



I've been looking at the website for this product, which appears to have come about as the result of a great deal of legitimate scientific research. There's a 'medic' version that's available on NHS prescription, apparently. I am wondering if anyone has any personal experience of using one? I like the idea of what it could do but before I take the plunge, wanted to hear of others' experiences.


I have recently bought one, but haven't yet started using it regularly (I was only diagnosed last year myself & I'm only just getting properly under control, so I'm taking any changes very slowly).

I would recommend starting very, very gently if you do get one. As with any muscles, if you work your respiritory muscles too hard then they hurt! (& then if you're like me you get a bit worried that you've actually set your asthma off, & then the worry does set your asthma off...)

I bought mine through an eBay shop, because it was by far the cheapest but i did email the manufacturers first to discuss my needs & they were very helpful. Their website has a lot of information too.


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