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Dr with the tact of a rhino

had enuff, visited my local emergency gp with a flare up, normally on prednisolone 30 mg she gave me a further 40 mg and sent me to A and E last night went in at 8pm taken thro at 9pm was busy , but didnt get a neb til 11 despite being tight and short of breath as waiting for a dr, dr didnt arrive til 3.30 am, Said my chest was clear but air entry poor and not shifting air, asked me what my plans where, i said i wanted home, he said ""no for the future just read your notes and ct results"" i said i was due to see the professor for results to which he told me ""they now show bronchiestasis in my left lung, on top of neutrophillic asthma, so thats why i have so many flare up, hope the get something sorted for you and as he left he said and yes you can go home"" i was left dunfounded on my own by time i got home i was so angry with the pillock thinking of complaining

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sorry to hear the Dr and A&E was not up to scratch. i think they see so many asthma attacks at A&E

they have a tick chart and follow the same proccedure and treat all the same. After my last visit i must admit i did get the message loud and clear ""dont call us we will call you"" ouch.

Take care

H Mama


We have same problems at our A+E, I went in before Christmas as not enough oxygen was getting to my heart because of asthma problems.Locum GP didn't want to see me as said my notes didn't say asthma. Did get seen,looked at me immediately put spray under tongue and oxygen and GP called ambulance Had dodgy ECG results.Got sent home from hospital after 2nd ECG normal and told to see an asthma nurse SAP and use my Son's ventolin inhaler when needed until I'd had spirometary test!!I'm sure there are some fantastic A+E doctors out there but I'm anxious to meet one at our hospital.I know it's difficult for the doctors but I do feel I leave it too late to go in as I just don't trust them. I wish my Son's and my asthma would behave like classic asthma as I feel we may get a better deal or maybe not.....


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