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should i feel like this

hi over the last year my asthma has got worse, i now have a con to go and vist, normaly i am on sertide 250 2puffs morning/ evening and ventolin when needed, but since last thursday got poorly again, back on the pred tablet, had back weekend near 60 puffs ventolin over weekend, but am/pm peak flow drop a little, chest keep going into spams(not nice), went doctors on monday chest infection ( co-amoxiclav) and new inhaleripratropium inhaler 1 puff 4/day and doctors reducing dose of pred, today i choughing for england and breath less, put peak flow is normal, am confussed, it does not seem right, you lot seem to be the experts.

aswell its my birthday,

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Hi Lyndsay, it is possible the problems you are having are due to a really early and severe start to the pollen season. Someone was saying the other days instead of staged start to the pollen season it is all coming in one big bang. Tree Pollens, grass pollens all coming together. I have not reserched if this is true but for example they were cutting silage here weeks earlier than normal.



You can also have these symptoms from a chest infection without it necessarily setting off your asthma?

Andrea xx


thanks its nice for your advice and your opions,

it horrible when you can not work out why you feel poorly


just to let you know that i allways feel like this on my birthday or christmas because i am so exited that my asthma gets worse and my vocal cords tighten! i hope that is not the reason you are feeling so bad and you will be able to enjoy these occasions in the future!


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