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Sub - lingual immunotherapy drops

Hi all,

I get very bad hayfever, went to dr end of last season, he sent me to an allergy specialist. I went last wk & had skin prick tests done, i reacted instantly to lots of grasses & also hazel & alder trees. This treatment is done by drops taken at home under the tounge, or it can be done by injection but this would mean having it done every week at the clinic.

Anyone tried this. I would be very greatful for any comments of what you think about it.


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The sub lingual therapy is quite new and at present mainly being used in allergy clinics only.

The injections are used but can carry some risk with asthmatics so are not always favoured if your asthma is bad.

If you want to read more on the sublingual stuff gooogle ""grazax"" which is the name of the medication but in tablet form.

I am hoping to start on this soon, if you want any more info pm me.


Ive Started them


I got my drops on thursday to be desensitized to grasses, it isnt grazex, it is called staloral. I have to take them in the morning every day, & increase the dose, so Thursday i took 1 drop, fridat i took 2, & today i took 4. that carries on for the next few days, until it goes up to 10 next wk. Then go on to a maintaince dose which will be 4 dose every day for the season. Hopefully will be sneeze & wheeze free. Fingers crossed anyway.

Has anyone else heard of these staloral drops??



Bumped for recent poster's reference


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