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Steroid inhaler question

Had a stinking cold a couple of weeks ago and since then had a terrible cough. My peak flow slightly improved last week (not to its normal level, but I was able to work etc). The last few days my peak flow is up and down like a yo-yo and I can't stop coughing. So I went to the docs just to get them check my chest. It was a locum doctor and she asked me how much inhalers I was taking and I told her I was taking 4 puffs 3 times a day of clenil 200 (normal dose 2 puffs twice a day), which is what other doctors have told me to do when I have a cold or my hay fever is really bad and for up to 2 weeks after I feel well. She told me I was taking far too much inhaler and should never ever take that much. She gave me some pred which was fine cos that's what I wanted, but I am concerned about her advice. I am going to follow what my other docs tell me cos they know me better and they do my 6 monthly check ups, but if I was a person who got confused with what to take etc they could end up taking the wrong amount of medication.

Do doctors have guidelines to follow when offering patients asthma advice or do different GPs have different ideas (she is the 1st doctor I have encountered who has ever suggested I was taking too much)?

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I've seen a lot of disagreements between GP's/GPs/locums etc, I don't think its unusual. I do my best to stick with just one GP. I've had similar issues with eczema and am very fussy about who I'll speak to about it.


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