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Anyone use Seretide 500 two puffs, twice a day?


Could you let me know if anyone uses Seretide 500 two puffs twice a day. I normally take one puff twice a day but my consultant increased it today as my CT scan showed infection areas on my lungs.

I have also been put on a long term prescription of Azithromycin.

Has anyone else had this CT diagnosis and been on such a high dose as even the chemist was surprised by the high dose given.

Thank you and hope you are all ok and love to Snowy x

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Hi Josie

I used to be on 2 puffs twice a day of Seretide 500 a while back. It didn't do much for me so I moved onto Symbicort.

I've also recently had a trial of Azithromycin because I had a CT scan which showed lots of inflammation in my lungs, I didn't find it helpful, but hopefully you'll feel better for the increased meds!! :)

Dawn x


hi josie,

I took seretide but it didnt control my asthma at all. I was then put onto symbicort, which sort of controls it. A while ago i was given azithromycin as my 3rd lot of antibiotics as the others didnt touch me. I hope they work for you ok and your better soon

love sj x


I take 2 puffs of 500mg seretide twice a day have done for has helped sort of. Just be sure to rinse mouth out. I use an accuhaler as find it easier.


I used to be on seretide 250 four puffs twice a day, however this has now changed as I have had two other inhalers added. Even with this dose did not have control. Funnily enough when prescribed low dose antibiotics for a 3 month period for another condition found asthma control was better... and had no infections coughs or colds...


I'm on seretide 250 2 puffs twice a day and up this to 4 puffs when unwell. I have been told it's out of licence but okay to do to regain control. Afraid I don't know about using it long term. Seretide has helped me a lot but still not got what I would call good control.


My teenage son and I are both on Seretide 250 two puffs twice a day. When my son (14) is bad it's upped to 3 or 4 puffs. I have been on lots of different inhalers over the years but Seretide has definitely helped me the most. My son also improved a lot when put on Seretide.


I have had SEretide 500 but it had side effects on me. My joints became painful and my legs felt bloated if I dont do a lot of exercise !


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