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Pred - not asthma?? :/

hey all

after a bit of advice.

My mum is non-asthmatic, and has never been given pred before, however last night, she was bitten by insect and they've swollen up, normally she's be given cream but not this time.

the pharmacist scared her, saying she mustn't take it today, but tomorrow morning and never take 2 tablets at once, but normally i took 2 in the morning..

she isn't keen on taken them as the doctor wasn't clear on english and didnt seen to understand, and the man at the chemist really scared her, telling her about negative side effects.

Any advice whether these may be of use in these circumstances??


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They can be used for pain and inflamation and alergy.Would do as doc advised when to take


Your poor mum. Looked up the NHS Choices site. Says short course of steroid such as prednisolone is treatment for bad bites. Helps control inflammation. Suggest mum takes as directed by the doc and not as for your asthma. Hope your mum feels better soon.

Ps if chemist is clued up enough to talk about the prescription then that's a good thing rather than just hand it over as most chemists do.

Edit: Though copied and pasted. There's a rogue space got in between the T and r of treatment. Works better if missed out. :)


I remember having them years ago when I had a really bad reaction to insect bites - was swelling up everywhere! Normally I use cream for bites, but that time I needed something stronger - really did the trick. A short course of pred isn't going to cause problems, so I wouldn't worry.


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