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asthma and reflux?

Heya!! just been discharged from hospital again following an asthma attack needing back to back nebs and I'V salbutomol and steroids. happy to be home again!!!!!! :) but they have started me on a new drug for a reflux??? i dont really know what it is or has to do with my asthma? does anyone also have a refulx? or know anything about it?

Thank You


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Hi Chloe,

Try this link should answer most of your questions on reflux 'GERD'

Whats the drug ? I'll then find info on it for you.



Hello Chris, thanx for the link but i can't get it to work, i wonder if its my doziness with computers though! Please could you check it when you get a mo, thanks ever so.

I didn't know that i had a problem with acid until i started being sick and wheezy after eating, i have been given Lansoprazole 60mg and i still have the symptoms. Its a good way of losing weight but very frustrating and wearing. I have had some tubes put up my nose and into my tummy and then liquid put in the tubes and will probably have to have an endoscopy but don't want to!

Chloe I think that sometimes they do a trial of a PPI after an admission to rule out acid exacerbating your asthma. Its worth trying because my symptoms of reflux until recently were silent - anything is worth a try. Good luck with your new treatment hope it helps, take good care, Lois


Hi lois,

yep it works for me, but here is the original

Hope the site doesn't split it,

Edit, the site on my screen has put a space in between L and U in reflux, just remove the space.


Hi Chris, thanks ever so i can access it from the second link, thanks for helping me, Lois x


I have asthma and reflux to and it common in people that that more asthma symptoms durign the evening as the acis can trigger a reaction. I have found that it has helped along with Gaviscon too...


the drug is called omeprazole and i have to take 40mg everyday. thanks for the info link!!! :)


Hi Chloe

I have asthma and reflux. It is a bit of a nightmare at times. But once you get both controlled things usually go well, you just have to keep your fingers crossed that both dont flare up at the same time. That is what i do. I can contend with one or other but not both together. Gaviscon has become my best friend the liquid you can buy you can take as and when you have problems and someone said it is only short lived so dont worry too much about taking too much of the stuff. Choose your flavour i prefer aniseed personally.

any tips of info just ask or pm me.



Cream Crackered?

Hi Chloe,

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I have taken the opposite route to you. I suffered from regular reflux and have only recently been diagnosed with Asthma. I take the same medication that you do and have for years (Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg x 1 x each morning). I suspect, actually, I am almost certain, that my reflux has been caused by my pain management cocktail of drugs. The recommendation that gaviscon is good is true but don't take it too close to when you take your rabeprazole. Do it in between.

Now why ""Cream Crackered""? (See Subject!).Well I find that some straight cream crackers are great at settling the stomach acid. I don't know why but suspect they just soak all the crap in the gut up as they are so so dry. They must not have any butter or additives on them. Try it and anyone else who suffers from reflux, try this also and let me and the rest of us know if it works for you. It does for me!

Also mint teas help such as pure mint, spearmint or spearmint and camomile are helpful. Finally try dropping raw fresh ginger into hot water and drink.

Good Luck!



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