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Bee stings

Hello, i was recently stung by a bee under the foot, and it hurt alot, and then my whole entire foot became swollen and turned purple and i lost feeling in it, and i got dizzy. We rushed to the doctors, and he gave me some shot in the buttox! I have no idea what it was, and we got verry little information, cause it was outside the country, i was on vacation. Then the swelling went down and i got the feeling back, but i still felt pretty bad, and then i went to sleep and i slept for 18 hours!! i never sleep that long. I dont really know if this is something to worry about, should i see a doctor about htis? could it possibly be severe allergy? cause i know that if i get stung once, then the 2nd time might be worse. I dont really know what to do, please help :)

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Hi Haagendaz,

You don't say which country you were in but the injection could have been anything from adrenaline, hydrocortisone or pirirton (chlorphenamine), or antibiotic even. Most people find that stings in the lower body son't give such a dramatic reaction as the upper body, being further away from the heart and blood flow is a little more sluggish in the legs. With such a bad reaction in the foot lok out in case you get stung again. sounds like you need to go to your GP and describe what happened and let hime make the final decisions but my guess is he will encourage you to carry adrenaline around in case of a repeat performance. I react like that to wasp stings, but the reaction to a sting in my legs is a lot less severe to that in my arm. Hope you get on ok.



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