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why am i being refferd to the hospital for my asthma


i used to have mild easy to control asthma but over the past two years it is gradually getting worse my doctor refueses to belive my asthma is becoming more severe i am being refferd to the hospital but i dont know why and what for someone please help me im worried none of my inhalers help my asthma so if i have an attack im goning to run into trouble i suffers syptoms everyday and im wheezing now as i write this what is wrong with me please help


Amy xxxx

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can you ring 0800 121 62 44 - there you will

get expert help from an asthma sister, they helped me

so much that I now have my asthma under complete control


Hi Amy

It is quite normal to be referred to a hospital to see an asthma specialist. If you feel your asthma is getting more severe then perhaps this is why the doctor has referred you. Seeing someone who is an expert on asthma will help you get more control over your asthma and isn't anything to be frightened about. They can adjust your medication or put you on different ones as their aim is for you to be symptom free as much as possible. There is a lot they can do.

Don't forget that if you have an attack and inhalers aren't working to get medical help. whether it is a doctor, hospital etc, don't suffer in silence ok as they can sort it out if you run into trouble.

There's a kick asthma message board for people who are still at school,

perhaps this might be better for you as there would be more people your age on there. I know that there were different problems for me when I was at school to the problems I have now (aged 27) such as being made to do PE when wheezing away or other people in my class not getting it. Trying to explain to my parents how it was making me feel.

Take care



hi amy- its normal and good that the doc is sending you to see someone at the hospital as you will get help tailored to how bad your asthma is. the best thing you can do in an attack is not to panic as you could make it worse and if the inhalers arent working make sure you go to a+e x


Thank you

thanks i feel alot more relaxed i was just abit worried about what they would do there and why but now i understand thank you :)


Hi Amy,

Have you heard of buteyko? Probably not, but I would urge any asthmatic to look into it. It's a breathing retraining program and is based on the theory that as asthmatics we over-breathe. I know that sounds a little crazy, but the science is sound and the results of many having tried buteyko (including myself) have been life transforming. The first rule is to ALWAYS breath through your nose. Please try that one thing for a week or two and see how you feel. Nasal breathing is essential for any asthmatic and the benefits are too numerous to mention. I wonder how many asthmatics reading this are mouth breathers......

I wish you all the best and better health.


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