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week after a asthma attack

hi i had a asthma attack 3 weeks ago and have been at home for a few days i have never been so tired in my whole life .i was in intensive care for a few days then on to a ward i have been resting but trying to do a few things i'm really not that sure if it is the asthma that is making be tried or it is something else . i have had lots of big attacks befor but not as bad as this last one can anyone help or just put a smlie on my face .

thanks kirsty

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hey I had a bad asthma attack back in sept 08 and now june 09 i am still not fully back on my feet. Really take it very slowly and dont push yourslef too much else you will end up back in as your airways will be very fragile and sensitive! If you want someone to talk to please pm me. It can be frustrating but please try and be patient. May be spend time reading, or painting or some thing simlar. Do not rush your recovery your body will be very tired.

big hugs and feel free to chat!


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