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Hi everyone... not posed on here for a while.

I ahve just seen a new consultant in southampton and ahve had my meds changed. I ahve now been put on alvesco and fexofenadine and some others however these two i ahvent heard much of before an dnot sure what to expect from them. Just wondering if nayone has been on them and what they are like if they helped at all. I used to be on serertide 500 x2 twice daily.




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Hi Olive,

Alvesco is the trade name for ciclesonide, which is another steroid inhaler/preventer medication. I'm afraid I don't have any personal or professional experience with it - maybe some other members have tried it, and will let you know their experiences.

Fexofenadine is a good antihistamine, used to control the allergic component of asthma.

Hope this helps,



Hi Olive,

I am on fexofenadine, which as Cath says is an antihistamine. I have found it pretty good - better than what I was on before. It is a similar drug to Triludan, which lots of folk were on but had to be withdrawn - fexofenadine is the same drug but altered to avoid the safety issues.

No experience of ciclesonide I'm afraid, but I'm sure there are some on the site who are on it.



I'm on fexofenadine (Telfast) too and haven't had any probs with it.


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