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Restless Legs

Does anyone else get restless legs. it is difficult to describe the feeling. It is almsot liek I want to tense the muscles up or shake them and wlak about. It is so irritating.

I keep getting it at night when I stop doign anything. I was jsut wondering if it is a side effect of all the meds I am taking or something compltly un related??

Thanks for any help


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hi olive

I get that from time to time mot sure what causes it tho or how to relieve it it does wear off after a while but its very frustrating still get it a few days each week so i sympathise with you.

Hopefully someone can give us an idea of what causes it. Take care lv kat Xx


oh help i hate those legs, especially at night, it keeps me awake for hours.

for me, i think it is linked to the fact that i have been paralysed, and am still not completely recovered, because of ""spinal tethering"", (my spinal cord was attached to my back bone), althoug now i come to thikn of it, this is only what i have assumed on my own, as no doctor has ever confirmed this theory to me.

i have, however, been told by a doctor, that the problem is calle ""spasticity"" and have been given 25mg Atarax when going to bed.

hope this helps, and really sorry about your legs, because i know that this is something that i find very annoying, difficult to control, painful at times.

love Rose


i get really bad cramp that has me standing up in a hurry and in pain for at least one day after is that what you mean?


plumie, for me it is really as olive said, i feel like i am uncomfortable i fi do not tense my leg muscles. but obviously, as i keep doing this, the muscles get very painful, n ot cramps, but like i've pulled the muscles.


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