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sorry sub cut question

sorry if theis has been asked before but i went through to see if i could see anything but was going far back and couldnt.

i have been using butterfly needles for sub cut but am finding they are lasting shorter and shorter length of time. they first started off lasting bout 48-72 hours osh but now i am lucky if i get 24 hours out of each site. if i leave them in too long i et a really nasty bruise where the end of the needle would be. is this normal that they start to last less time.

also i was wondering that from being on high dose steroids for some time round my waist has thicken from fluid and will this effect the sites etc and absorbion of bricanyl?

hope someone can help.



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Sorry - too tired for specific reply just now, but you should find what you need somehwere in here (possibly many pages in....)



Please PM me with any specific questions, and i'll try and reply in the next couple of days...



have you asked your asthma nurse at your local costa to try softsets or silhouette s both by medtonic minimed ithink good luck rachel c


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