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IV Magnesium

Hi I was wondering if anybody would be able to helpme. I have often had IV Magnesium for attacks and whilst in hospital but I ahve never actually asked what it actually does.

I got my new protocolfrom my con and it now says to give IV magnesium, the last one didnt it was aminophylline and salbutamol iv. I normally had iv magnesium if the others werent working and i wasnt responding.

Can anyone shed some light. I know i should probably ask when i was in but it wasnt top of my list of things when being given it!!!



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Hi Olive,

We had a discussion about this on here recently, I've brought it to the top for you to save me typing out my answer again!

Basically, IV magnesium is a bronchodilator which works by relaxing the smooth muscle of the airways, but it's not known exactly how it does this.

Hope this helps

Em H


thanks emh. sorry hadnt realised it had been discussed recently should ahve checked.



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