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Hep B vaccine and Pred

I was jsut wondering before I go and bother my Dr with yet more questions. I have jsut started nursing at Uni and have to have a hep B vaccine but I was wnodering if anyone knows if I am ok to ahve this despite ebing on long term pred and currently taking 50mg. IO will of course mention this all to Occupationel health when i go for apptoinment for vaccine but jsut wondered if anyone knew off hand.


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Hello Olive,

I think it is OK but someone else here may know.

I really need to get one sometime because of

a) traveling

b) St John Amb work!

Good luck with your nursing - I was going to do nursing back in 1990, but didn't pass the medical, and I wasn't even severe, brittle, on pred or nebs then!!!!

Sorry can't be more help!




Hi, I had the Hep B jabs a couple of years back for work and I remeber being concerned that I might not be able to have it as at the time I was on a course of pred - but there was no problem. But like you said definitely worth checking with Occ. Health as it may depend on the dosage? Good luck for your training!!


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