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Just been prescribed this last night so only taking second pill tonight.

I'm curious as to how other people have found it?

I finally got some sense from my GP after my dad spoke to him last Friday.

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I can't really answer your question as I've only been on it for 8 days! I'm feeling hopeful though - I will happily feel hopeful for you too!


Hi Jen1968 ... I took 'Singulair/Montelukast' for a while last year now on ""Accolate / Zafirlukast"" ... both improved the quality of my life substantially ...

Here is hoping you fair just as well !

Hugs from the Orkney Isles





John has been on singulair for at least a year he has 5mg at night and it has caused him no problems and I can see that it has benefited him greatly..... He has had a fewcramps when he first went on it but there was nothing to say that it was caused by montelukast...

hope it helps you



I used to be on it, but i stoped because it gave me bad stomach aches, but lots of things do so unless you have a sensitive stomach, i doubt this will be a problem for you.


Thanks Susy, Bev and Haagendaz. I was away in Aberdeen for a course on Wednesday night (course was Thursday) sitting in my hotel room reading the patient information leaflet and you know what it's like with a whole long list of possible side effects. I guessed the best people to ask were ones who posted on these boards so thanks for replying.



Hi Jen , I had a months course of Singulair around january and think that it helped loads. I had it after a couple of months of my asthma being troublesome and recurring mucous even after oral steroids.It seemed to really open up my lungs and i was able to get rid of a lot of gunk which hasnt returned (as yet anyhow). I get irritable bowel and Yes I think it did make it worse but then my chest was better so it was worth it especially as it was only a months course.

hope you get good results from it too.



Hi Jen I have been taking singulair for about four years now and have not had any problems with taking it, saying that my asthma has recently changed dramatically and I'm due to see my GP next week When I last seen him he prescribed spiriva inhaler which is for COPD which is on a different path altogether


Hi Jen,

I have been on it for nearly 2 years and my life has improved a lot since then. The reason could be just as much work accomodating me as me being on singulair. It usually takes about a month to work at all, 3 months to work well and up to 6 months to get the maxixmum benefit so dn't expect miracles just yet. I was originally going on it for 3-6 months but as I am now so stable with all the meds I am taking and it took so long to get stability my doc won't take me off it now.

Ange xx


I felt really worn out today despite having slept well. Just going to church had me shattered and I found it hard lifting my feet into the car. On Saturday I had indigestion despite only having had a roll for breakfast, it made no sense.

Then this afternoon I wondered if it could be a side effect of Singulair and read the patient leaflet and weakness and tiredness is the first thing on the list, and indigestion isn't far behind.

Has anyone else had these side effects? And do they pass?



I have been on it now for about 6 months, my suggestion would be not to give up if you have probs, like others I had bad stomach cramps so went back to the cons and he changed it to the childrens dose which I then take split up instead off once a day, i now have it morn and night and its much better!


I've been on singulair for ... gosh... about 10 years now i think! I never really understood the purpose of it, until I went away on holiday for a few days and left the tablets at home. By the 3rd day of my holiday (so that's 2 nights without), my chest was tight, and i was really wheezing. Amazing what 1 tablet does! I spoke to my asthma nurse about it, and she said that stopping the Singulair at any point is dangerous, and that it's actually really valuable for asthmatics. It does a lot more than we think!


I've tried singulair twice and each time my chest noticeably improved (20% increase in pf) but each time I had to come off it because it gave me very painful joints, mainly in my feet. Really stiff and sore, and getting increasingly worse. Joint pain is very far down the list of possible s/effects so I found it hard to believe the two were related, but each time I stopped the singulair, my feet gradually returned to normal over the next couple of weeks

Has anyone else had this particular s/effect? My gp hadn't come across it before

I'd love to be able to take it cos it really helped my breathing


My son (13) has been on this for over a year and a half and it changed his life.

Prior to this, he was on the usual becotide and salbutamol, and was fine until he tried to do sport, where he would seriously struggle which was a major problem for him as he is rather good. Repeated visits to the doctors, finally had him on 4 puffs on his brown inhaler morning and night, the green puffer twice a day as well as his blue one when required and before sport.

He still struggled, at a visit to the asthma nurse at our doctors, she mentioned singulair although she wasn't able to prescribe it, we had to make an appointment to see GP who said it doesn't work, I insisted we try it and then she said we would have to go to hospital to see a paediatrician. Duely got our letter for a visit in 3 months on the NHS.

I then remembered my ex-wife had BUPA, and we saw one the next day! She said the amount of medication my son was on he should be a cronic asthmatic unable to go up stairs or walk any distances. She prescribed Singulair and wrote to our GP, my son has been on this ever since and has never had to use his blue inhaler in anger since. Just 2 puffs of brown morning and night and that 1 little tablet have changed his life. He has suffered absolutely no side effects at all.


Sorry to say Singulair had no effect - good or bad on me . I took it for about a year "" just to make sure "" and then stopped. My current treatment Pred/Methotrexate is a lot more succesful.



I began this after going drastically downhill.

It made no real difference for month+.

But nearly immediately I was sick, or felt nauseaous for 18+hours. As well as being so incredibly fatigued on top of the rest of the asthma issues!

I was then given some other meds that counteracted the awful side effects.

Now I am currently having another bad run, but I believe that this played a big part in stablilising me for quite a while - unfortunately the hayfever's now taking its effect on my asthma!

I'd say if still feel awful to ask for something to counteract as I had...

Good luck


I found I was allergic to Singulair and was changed to Accolate but have only been on it for 5-6 weeks, so far with no improvements....


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