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Bronchoscopy - is this normal?

I had the above last Thurs and a lavage was carried out and biopsies taken. Ever since I have needed nebuliser every few hours. Chest feels tight and asthma very grumpy. I am not sure if this is normal and really could use some advice. When will it stop or should I call Consultant in the morning or go to GP. Don't want to make a fuss.

Can someone please help?


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Hi my Son had problems after his. were you given a long acting steroid injection afterwards?My Son was but still needed to get a dose of oral steroids to help. We were told lungs could get grumpy after this but thought this could be because my Son woke up in the middle of investigation, pulled out his line and tried to pull out bronchoscopy tube very helpful!!Had to stop so didn't get anything useful from it because of this.

I would speak to your consultant or gp for advice. we were given a leaflet on what to do afterwards which helped.

Hope you feel better soon



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